PAULA JENSEN-MOULTON, C.S.B. is a Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher ready to work with anyone seeking a spiritual, prayerful approach to healing. A spiritual solution is readily available for the full spectrum of challenges that individuals face in daily life: physical/health, relationship, financial, and social/emotional issues.

Paula would be happy to speak with you over the phone, via e-mail, or in person at her office. She is available to answer -- free of charge -- any questions you may have about Christian Science, her services, and primary class instruction. Her classes are usually held on the campus of St. Lawrence University, often in June, but that is flexible to meet the needs of students. Yearly association meetings are held in early summer in Syracuse, New York. Please contact Paula if you are interested in class instruction or would like to attend her annual association day meeting. For more information about class instruction click
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